Felicity Adams, 10, may be seen smiling ear to ear but she is in the fight for her life.

“She doesn’t give up– can’t stop the wildcat she says,” said Shawna Adams, Felicity’s mother.

Wildcat is an ode to her school Wilson Elementary.

While most kids Felicity’s age are asking for the hottest toys on store shelves she has one thing on her Christmas list– a kidney. Someone O-positive could be her match.

“That’s all she wants you know, she doesn’t ask for much she just wants to love life,” said Shawna.

Felicity’s been sick her entire life. She’s been on the list for a kidney 2 years– as of August, she requires daily dialysis and a feeding tube.

Felicity’s parents Shawna and James are doing all they can to make her life as normal as possible.

Make-A-Wish even stepped in to make her princess for a day at the happiest place on earth. Felicity says she got to have breakfast with Mickey and Minnie mouse and even got to meet the top dog Goofy.

For 15 years Felicity’s father James has worked at Barrier Roofing.

“He came to me Thanksgiving and wanted to work, and I said were not working Thanksgiving and he seemed really distraught about it because he couldn’t pay his bills so I didn’t know that,” Blair Cunnings, President Barrier Roofing.

Employees past and present came together Thursday for a Day for Felicity.

“It’s been incredible, you know. You own a company and you want it to be a family. And we offered it out that I would match anyone that would donate a day of their pay and 100-percent of the employees came aboard, and what’s even more amazing is a lot of them gave two days,” said Cunnings.

Together the team raised $36,000 to hopefully buy her more time.

You can help by visiting the GoFundMe page they have created.