Loyalty, longevity are keys to his career

lewis_1MS5720There are two things that anyone who has met Lewis Laborin can confirm – he’s an expert in the roofing industry with more than two decades of experience behind him and he’s loyal. Very loyal.

Laborin was literally one of  Barrier’s first employees, but prior to joining the current firm, he had also worked for CEO Blair Cunnings’ uncle at his roofing business. When Cunnings launched his own business, Laborin received a call and was glad to return from Ohio where he was working in the construction trades to join Cunnings’ new venture.

He’s been with Barrier ever since. Laborin started working in the field as a spray technician and moved up through the ranks of the business. Over the years, he has held a number of roles at Barrier  job sites and has handled additional responsibilities such as part procurement.

Today he’s the right-hand man to Vice President of Operations Mark Perryman, a man he has worked side-by-side with for more than 25 years. The two have become close friends, Laborin said.

Laborin is as humble as he is hardworking as can be seen by how he describes his current role at Barrier. “I guess now I’m pretty well up there,” he said. His official title is quality control manager; he describes his job as “going out to the tough jobs and making sure things are done right.” It’s a job that requires expertise, travel throughout the United States and an in-depth knowledge of all of Barrier’s products.

Laborin is a dedicated family man, and with six children ages 12 to 26, he says he doesn’t have time for hobbies. Time spent with family at his Clovis home is his favorite outlet.

One reason he has remained with Barrier for all these years is the company’s recognition of the importance of family, he said. “We are like a family,” he explained. “Blair is understanding of family issues. I wouldn’t want to work for anybody else but that man.”