While Barrier has a 40-year history in the roofing business, we’ve changed with the times and our clients’ needs and have become a one-stop vendor for all energy-related products and services that help customers “go green,” save money on energy and take advantage of current rebate programs.

By providing roofing, coating and insulation products and solar energy systems, Barrier is assisting clients in doing whatever it takes to create an energy-efficient total building envelope with long-term reliability, significant energy savings and fast payback, noted Barrier CEO Blair Cunnings.

“We’re about addressing total energy solutions,” Cunnings said. “We start with energy audits that show customers precisely where their buildings are losing energy, next we show them how to address the problems and then we often move on to installing on-site solar systems to meet the client’s own energy needs. Some clients are even able to sell excess energy to the electric company.”

But Barrier doesn’t walk away post installation. “We’re still on the job assisting customers applying for rebates and assistance programs, offering computer-based energy monitoring and providing industry-leading warranties on our work,” Cunnings said.