FRESNO, CA (April 30, 2010) – Barrier Solar, based in Fresno, Calif., has dozens of projects underway statewide; evidence that the integrated and experienced company hit the nail on the head when it paired solar energy system installation with energy efficient roofing solutions.

As Barrier Solar clients have discovered, solar energy installations and roof updates and repairs are a natural fit – figuratively and literally. After all, the typical solar energy system installation has thousands of roof penetrations which require the expertise of experienced roofing experts. You simply can’t go green without also going to a roofing contractor.

The company, likely the first integrated solar electricity and roofing firm in California, has essentially solved the chicken-or-egg debate that frequently arises on solar energy projects – which should come first, installation of the solar system or a 20-year energy-efficient California cool roof. Now there’s a third option – hire a company who can handle both.

“Typically, any roof-mounted solar electric system needs a roof repair, roof inspections or a brand new roof before being installed. By selecting Barrier Solar, clients don’t have to choose between hiring a solar company which attempts to do roofing work, or contracting with a roofing company that dabbles in solar systems,” explained Blair Cunnings, CEO of Barrier Solar. “They can get expertise in both areas from a single, proven source.”
The integrated firm also solves the problem of varying warranties, one for the roof and one for the solar system – when Barrier Solar does the work, clients benefit from both Barrier’s full-service warranty, paired with coverage from solar equipment manufacturers.

“With Barrier Solar, you’re not getting a solar company that’s learning roofing, or a roofing firm that’s figuring out solar; we’re  both solar energy and roofing experts,” noted Andy Zavorek, green vice president for Barrier Solar.  “With some solar companies, you’ve got people on your roof who know nothing about roof systems. You could run yourself into some major expenses later on with this approach.”

And there’s the added benefit of the creation of a comprehensive energy model for clients that only an integrated solar and roofing firm can provide, Cunnings described.  “With expertise in both solar electricity systems and energy efficient roofing products, Barrier Solar can offer a fully green alternative, and all of our systems are renewable.”

Barrier Solar provides the design and installation of turnkey solar power systems for businesses and homes of all sizes, with emphasis on large scale commercial systems. In addition to custom solar system design and installation throughout the state of California, Barrier Solar  also provides a full range of related services including: on-site analysis of your roof and a summary of your energy usage patterns; recommendations on how to make your property more energy efficient to save you real dollars; completion and management of the paperwork required to take advantage of solar rebates and incentive programs such as a customer service team to guide you through the construction process and into the operation of your solar system; and warranty coverage so comprehensive it provides you with a lifetime of protection.

From analysis and installation to managing paperwork and warranty issues, Barrier Solar manages it all for clients.
“For clients, the light bulb has gone on,” Zavorek said. “They’re asking ‘how come this collaboration hasn’t happened before?’”

With the current rebates and tax incentives being offered to companies who install solar energy systems, there’s simply never been a better time to turn to solar power, Cunnings noted.  Rest assured that Barrier Solar will help you navigate the incentive system, ensuring that your company takes advantage of all of the benefits including the California Solar Initiative rebate, a 30% federal tax credit, available cash grants and the tax savings offered from the allowed five-year accelerated depreciation.

Barrier’s satisfied roofing and solar clients include Costco Wholesale, Charles Krug Winery, Cline Cellars, Lyons Magnus, Fresno Unified School District, Valley Children’s Hospital, Wawona Frozen Foods, P.G &E., Save Mart, Span Construction and Xerox.

For additional information on Barrier Solar, please call 877-233-2003 or visit the company Web site at

Blair Cunnings, CEO
Andy Zavorek, Green VP