MainPic_BeverlyFabricsAn historic San Luis Obispo, Calif., building constructed in the 1930s is now operating at full 21st century “green” levels thanks to a three-pronged overhaul by Barrier.

Beverly Fabrics needed to make its store at 874 Higuera St. more energy efficient and environmentally responsible, while preserving the vintage architecture and charm of this highly visible location. The store’s owners turned to Barrier for solutions.

Barrier designed a system using 450 rooftop solar panels that drive the 117-kilowatt solar electric system. To add to the overall energy efficiency, Barrier replaced the antiquated electrical system and applied a sprayed polyurethane foam roof, all with minimal impact on traffic and without disrupting the store’s operation.

“Not only does this mean electrical cost savings, the upgrades serve the environment,” described Andy Zavorek, director of sales for Barrier. “It literally eliminates their electric bill, and the store will be completely energy independent in seven years.” The project has also decreased greenhouse gases while boosting the local economy.

Bob Sleeper, one of the Beverly Fabrics owners, said the overhaul was just part of the ownership group’s commitment to going green. The four owners have also installed solar electric systems on each of their personal residences and are investing in LED technology to reduce electricity usage.

“It’s good for the environment, it’s the right thing to do and it lowers energy costs,” Sleeper noted. “It was a big endeavor, but it was very well worth it. As soon as the solar electric system was turned on, the meter was spinning backward.”

Additional benefits, Sleeper noted, are that the entire site is now energy efficient, greenhouse gasses are reduced and the local economy got a boost. “The city was behind us all the way and they were great to work with,” Sleeper added.

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