BrightIdeasBarrier’s Residential Solar Lease Program, launching Dec. 1, means homeowners can become independent energy consumers with no money down and immediate energy cost savings.

Under the program, residential property owners can have a solar energy system installed on their roof and lease the system for 20 years for a low monthly payment.

“Homeowners instantly own their electric utility, eliminate rate increase worries and lower their carbon footprint,” described Andy Zavorek, director of sales for Barrier. “Even with the affordable lease payment, the cost for energy is cut in half.”

The system can typically be installed in one month. Prior to installation, Barrier provides a full analysis of homeowners’ electric bills and roof shade.

Once the solar system is installed -with no down payment required – the savings are immediate.

The program is being offered in partnership with SunCap Financial, an experienced solar leasing firm committed to giving homeowners access to affordable solar energy.

For more information and to set up a home evaluation, call Barrier at 559-233-1680.