BlairWelcome to the first edition of The Barrier Bulletin, a semi annual newsletter designed to share what we are up to at Barrier and to keep you updated on the latest products and services we have to offer.

Even though we’ve been known for years as a roofing company, we’ve evolved with the times and clients’ needs and are now providing a number of systems geared toward making our customers’ sites more energy efficient and more affordable to operate.

While we’re still the leader in roofing applications, Barrier can also provide innovative products like roof restoration systems, cold storage and wine tank insulation, solar energy systems and parking deck or pedestrian deck waterproofing.

In other words, we’re a one-stop shop for a variety of products that will reduce your company’s impact on the environment, save you money, and in the case of solar, even generate new revenue.

At Barrier we like to say that Barrier Blue is the new green!