GreenSceneThe average consumer has likely heard of the ENERGY STAR program, an international standard for energy efficient consumer products, as it applies to home appliances. But ENERGY STAR is not just for washers and refrigerators, the rating system also applies to commercial roof products.

At Barrier, we’re pros at installing a variety of ENERGY STAR rated roof products and coatings that maximize durability and solar reflectance – especially important in generally sunny California.

“People want to be part of the solution, not the problem,” noted Andy Zavorek, green vice president for Barrier. “Our customers are wise to the fact the fact that our planet needs some help and that there are a variety of solutions. Modern roofing products from Barrier are green not only as far as their make-up, they also create energy savings and end the practice of repeatedly removing old oil-based roofing products and sending them to the landfill.”

EnergyStarLogoWith Barrier’s ENERGY STAR roofing products, business owners are reducing their energy usage by taking advantage of the products’ solar reflectance properties, are installing products that are not harmful to harvest from the Earth and are reducing their carbon footprint due to the products’ long lifespan.