FRESNO, CA (June 11, 2007) -Commercial property owners can protect their commercial property portfolio, and simultaneously save on energy costs, by applying the latest in sprayed roofing and coatings products offered by Barrier Specialty Roofing & Coatings Inc. of Fresno, Calif.

In fact, these state-of-the-art products will actually upgrade the quality and value of your roof or commercial storage structures, according to Barrier CEO Blair Cunnings. Because the products Barrier applies prevent leaks, rust and insulation problems; help deter corrosion and roof shifting; and increase the beauty, durability and safety of the workplace, use of these coatings will provide a two-pronged benefit – peace of mind and improved property value, Cunnings said. “The time to evaluate your facility is now, before you get caught of guard by the elements or deferred maintenance,” he continued.

Property owners will also reap financial benefits in that Barrier’s coatings often decrease energy costs by as much as 50 percent. In addition to savings on your energy bill from applying coating or foam systems, upgrading your roof reduces air conditioning maintenance needs, stops current leaks and prevents new ones, and may earn you cash back from the California Energy Commission.

“Polyurethane foam systems have the highest insulation value of any roofing product on the market today. Applying this coating can drop the interior temperature of a building by as much as 30 degrees,” Cunnings said. “These products are also proven to provide 30 percent to 50 percent savings on cooling costs. If you plug that savings in, a commercial property owner can pay for their new roofing system within the warranty period,” he added.

Barrier’s roofing and coating products are also considered sustainable or “green roofing” in that these state-of-the-art coatings can be applied over existing roofing, and many years down the line, your commercial roof can simply be re-coated. “We can go over an existing roof with no smell or messy tear off,” said Cunnings.

Cunnings has found that the coating and roofing products his company applies are successful and popular with wineries seeking to insulate tanks, warehouse operators seeking to protect their stored inventory and those in the cold storage business who maintain the Central Valley’s food supply.

Barrier Specialty Roofing & Coatings provides state-of-the-art sprayed roofing and coating systems for commercial, industrial and residential structures. The company’s technicians have applied over 8 million square feet of roofing and coating products to projects throughout California. These products include polyurethane foam, metal roof coatings, acrylic restoration coatings, cold storage coatings and tank insulation products. After determining which product is appropriate, Barrier uses experienced, trained technicians to apply the roofing or coating materials.

Cunnings is no new-comer to the specialty coatings industry. He has more than a decade of experience as CEO of Barrier, and is a fourth-generation coatings expert in the Central Valley.

Barrier is proud to have worked with a wide range of businesses statewide including Benzinger Family Winery, Fresno Unified School District, Children’s Hospital Central California, Wawona Frozen Foods, Costco Wholesale, P.G &E., Save Mart, Span Construction and Xerox.

The company is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association and the Sprayed Polyurethane Foam Association. Barrier’s services are backed by a minimum 10-year leak-proof warranty.

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Blair Cunnings