MainPic_rePlyThe cost of restoring or modernizing the roof of a commercial building is often a stumbling point for owners, especially in these challenging economic times. Barrier understands this dilemma and offers a roof restoration system that is affordable, fast, environmentally friendly and energy efficient, just to name a few benefits.

Barrier’s Re-ply Restoration System allows commercial business owners to completely update their roof without the major expense and without the hassles of a roof-tear off, the resulting business down time and lengthy reconstruction. The system is installed over an existing roof.

Re-ply Restoration is resistant to leaks, corrosion, sun, wind and other common roof threats. And this environmentally friendly technology reduces roof temperatures by up to 40 percent, cuts overall energy costs and exceeds stringent Energy Star standards – all for 1/3 less than the cost of a typical roof replacement.

Here’s how this innovative reinforced ply roofing system is installed:

A coat of primer is applied to a clean roof to prep the surface. An acrylic elastomer base coat is then applied. Flashings, penetrations and roof transitions are reinforced with knitted polyester fabric mesh that is imbedded into the base coat. A top coat of heat-reflective acrylic elastomeric coating is then added to encapsulate the fabric mesh. Finally, a bright white acrylic elastomeric  finish coat is added.

“The result of the process is a cost-effective cool roof that reflects up to 85 percent of the sun’s energy,” described Blair Cunnings, Barrier CEO. “This retrofitting method is green, easily installed and affordable – the three things that commercial building owners are looking for today in a roof update.”

For more information on Barrier’s Re-ply Restoration System, call 1-877-233-2003.